"The most powerful tool in our society
is LOVE.“



You can’t blame anybody for what’s happening now. Take responsibility for the present moment. Stop pointing the finger at sweaty hairy men. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Believe in yourself.

Matthew Silver: „The initial reason was always to make people laugh. I’ve always liked that energy that you get when you make a whole lot of people laugh and then people like you because you’re the funny guy.

I’ve always had a drive to do this — to act wacky in front of people but it took me a while. I guess high school was the first time I performed. I was always known as the goof ball in school. One time during the intersession in gym class, a kid said, “I’ll give you a dollar if you flex in front of those girls.”  I started flexing in front of the girls and all of a sudden it became a show. I only got to do that once but it was the biggest moment of my life. It repeated over and over in my head.  The next time I [performed], I was 25 — that was when I started to smoke pot.  I got high and I kind of laughed and thought it would be funny to put on a white dress. And I did that and just went up to people I didn’t even know, went in their face, and they laughed.“

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