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As an artist, Jörg Lohmann is active under his stage name “Joy” in the country and abroad. In addition to experimental photography and multimedia installations, joy operated with the means of society an integral art especially in cultural-ecological and social contexts. It involves the creation of holistic experience fields for visitors and a maximum media effect of selected content. The culture is understood as a playground of interdisciplinary future research, their meaningful relevance respectively applied to the regional conditions and social structures.

Open Iceland is an open-source plan for floating islands made of waste materials. These are needed around the world increasingly can be built anywhere for less money from existing residues themselves As a life raft in distress or Garden Island to the efficient cultivation of food above and under water. As the culture island on the community building, as labor and energy platform, or as a floating classroom and laboratory. Open Iceland has been developed in the last three years by a multicultural group of interdisciplinary Island farmers in India. On inland waterways and coastal areas open to Iceland for a variety of functions can be used already. Parallel Island construction in India and Germany, the MACHER/innen from January 2015 now present the concept in practice. Open Iceland Ahmedabad comes to the Indian “MakerFest” is made locally during open Iceland Berlin. The art festivals in Neukölln and Schöneweide, the modular island is temporarily assembled and used in scene. Open Iceland is the current project of “Sealand”Multiversity and numerous project partners, it focuses on collaborative decentralized development and cooperation, on collective creativity and creativity for a good cause. In the medium term, an international support network, “Makers for Humanity” it can occur, which collectively develops open-source solutions in the social or environmental disaster and spread.

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