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editorial participation

To have an idea is easy. To put it in form can be more complicated than originally thought. Whether through finding the right questions for interviews or choosing the best location, supported editing and preparation can help the filmmaker get the result he or she wants.

If you think you can contribute in this process, get in touch with us. We are thankful for your support and happy to enlarge our team.

changemaker festival

Our main motivation is raising awareness about meaningful projects. The website and film portraits are one important forum, but we also believe in the value of live experience.

Changemaker Festivals are the perfect way to learn from each other and create solutions for a better world. Meet other changemakers—they’ll be sitting across the table from you, or dancing next to you in the crowd.
The organization of these events is very inspiring and a lot of fun.

Speaker, Workshop leader

You are an expert in your field and you like to share your knowledge with interested people?


Help us to organize the next festival. Financing, program, construction…


To find good content for the festival is essential for the success.


Help spreading the message of FILMING FOR CHANGE in the world.
You can be an ambassador and be the local connection point for the change movement. Find people who make change happen and film makers in your area.

Spread the idea and become part of a huge vision of change in the world.




FILMING FOR CHANGE is calling for filmmakers that have the vision of change and want to help us make the project an international database of knowledge.
Do you know changemakers in your surrounding? Do you want to make a film about them or have you already made a film?
Get in touch with us and your film and other work can become part of the movement.

Be a part of the “FILM FOR CHANGE”.
Made by filmmakers and change makers from all around the world.

All the films of the platform will become part of a larger database, and have the possibility of ending up in the planned single documentary “FILM FOR CHANGE,” which will showcase a unified vision of the burgeoning change movement.



Camera / Post production

You want to help with camera and post production or you want to learn more about it?

We could use a lot of help in local film work for FFCH! If you want to learn more about filming or production, you can assist us and develop the skills you want.

Subtitles / Translation

Using the online software “Amara”, you can easily add subtitles for a film without major prior knowledge.
It helps us making our database available for everybody.

Send us your name
and we will add it to the credits as supporter and translator.

Donations via Paypal

Do good and spread the message!

The FFCH team has been realizing this project unsalaried for over one year.
With your donation you help us to develop this project further and better.

Every amount helps and will be used for the following:

– production of further film portraits in and outside of Germany.
– further development of our website, for filtering and sorting functionality.
– adding of languages
– costs of infrstructure
– development of LABS FOR CHANGE, the scientific backing of our visual content.
– organisation of changemaker festivals, workshops and symposia for knowledge exchange.

Thank you for your help and your support