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is our slogan and together we can spread news that the world really needs.
Sketch us briefly your idea for a film and we realize it together.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Use your knowledge to make portraits of people who exemplify the transformation. You can participate in a growing database of solutions that will be the basis for the documentary FILM FOR CHANGE. It describes the global changes that are happening right now.



Your film will be presented on the website of FFCH, at film festivals and our “Changemaker” events. All contents of FFCH should be available to all – and that’s why our films are released under CC license.

We distribute our content on several FFCH-channels: Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter Further we have a listed Podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.

The documentary “FILM FOR CHANGE” will be one of the highlights of the entire project. Each of our portraits contributes to this large collection shows a clear picture of the changing movement and it will give us an additional tool to change our behavior.

Ultimately FILMING FOR CHANGE survives with his participation.


Here, we have prepared the required files (intro, credits, credits) for download – making your film unique.